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Friday, March 4, 2011

vacant land doesn’t depreciate

Do you know that most of the wealth in America historically has been borne from those with the foresight to invest in Vacant Land?  And in the strictest sense, vacant land does not depreciate. Market values may lower it slightly and temporarily in value, but it has no inherent depreciating factor.
I continue to tout one particular community in the Greater Orlando area to my favorite investors, as being the best place to invest your money.  If  95% off of original purchase price a mere few years ago, on a stunning lot in one of the premier, flagship communities of a major developer appeals to you, please contact me immediately.  A new owner is in the works for this phenomenal world-class amenities community. This community will come back.  A very small investment can reap you rewards, no doubt, in the future.  Please contact me immediately:  Dawn Deegan 407 488 8074
“Ownership, specifically ownership of land, was the basis of all the investment opportunities we see today.” - From
Dawn Deegan is a Broker-Associate with Charles Rutenberg Realty. She holds the designations of Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR®) and she is a Graduate of the Realtor® Institute (GRI). She also holds the Transnational Referral Certification (TRC), enabling her to help in real estate endeavors, world-wide. Dawn is dedicated to providing only the best possible services and expertise to her Buyers and Sellers of residential Real Estate in the Greater Orlando area. This includes Windermere, Orlando, Winter Park, Baldwin Park, and Davenport. Her emphasis is on superior delivery of sophisticated market data,  quality and value to you, the Buyer or Seller. 
Contact Dawn Deegan at 407 488 8074 or at  You can also visit her at


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